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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

End of May

What a great end to the month! Pouring over the books Sprague deleted then sent to me to see what I wanted/needed and it was so much fun! Some I took, some I had, but looked at the condition of the one I had on the shelf to see if the one from Sprague was better or worse and if the one from Sprague was better, I had a 'swap' out pile. I would take my book that was worse, make a new barcode, then put that barcode over the nicer Sprague withdrawn barcode. I had a great time! Going through those four boxes of books took well into the afternoon. I had to do two book talks today. Have been getting in lots of lost books which makes me really happy. Talked with our PA about what to do with the Leslie Library after they computer lab is gone. He liked my idea and told me to go ahead and pitch it to my principal, so I did that. Then I also contacted one of our technology people to see if they would support the Span Wall if that was something we would seriously think of doing. So, the ball is rolling and we'll see where it stops! Hopefully with a new library set up!!

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