The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Adjusted Calendar

Started the day with cat litter. Took the smelly books outside and checked them over, there wasn't any milk damage, but they did smell a bit, so I put the cat litter in the bottom of the bags, put paper towels over that, then the books on top. The girls came in to see what was gong on with them, so we retrieved some homework for them and I put the books back in for another day and told them to come and check back tomorrow. Worked on the calendar, though interruptions were frequent. Checked out First Aid/CPR books, and two class sets of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight went out. As I checked them out I found five books that hadn't been covered, so I pulled them and will cover them before they get checked out. We got the new adjusted calendar to make up for the snow days and I only had to pull a bit of my calendar apart to adjust it. Helped a student work on a resume - funny, he kept calling me 'Mom - can you help me do....'. So I did. A stranger went back into our workroom and I followed him back and questioned him as to what he was doing back there, just a worker filtering cables through. Processed some more magazines, just about finished up the calendar with my palm fronds, checked in more overdue books, lent out some copies of miscellaneous books to students to study while they're in the library, checked out a student who is withdrawing and cleared her from both textbooks and the regular library. Found a missing book. Helped Mrs. C with some Physical Science and Earth Science texts that came in with the science adoption, she was very excited to see them. I also sent Mr. J an email on his german trading cards, talking about my visit and about Deutsch Bibliothek (Germany's National Libraries), and that Sprague has 83 books if you subject search under 'german', and the new movie Inkheart was originally a book published in Germany called Tintenherz.

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