The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Say Monga I Say Maynga

Today I spent mostly working on books that we have in stock that need attention, the Prentice Hall Literature books. I did all the Gold series we have left on the shelf and started working on the Platinum. Most of them just needed some taping on the edges and some hinge glueing (they hadn't given away yet, but they had begun to pull apart), some needed additional glueing. I had my aide help me out today by cleaning the blue computer lab and then she did some cover up for me by using markers to fill in the white spots where the color had been nicked or worn off on the Lit books. Did the typical check in, check out, had a lot of kids come by and pick up Elements of Argument, put money in print accounts, processed a couple of magazines, looked up login numbers and worked with Ms. K on getting some new Lab books. A student came and asked if we sold our magazines, and I told him no, that we kept them for a couple of years and then recycled them for art projects. After school the Manga group did a few presentations on some of the series in that genre. Mrs. H had a conflict and I stepped in to be the 'adult' presence so the group could still do it. Watching them do a presentation was amazing and good practice for them. We ended about 4pm.

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