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Friday, January 30, 2009

Purple Tulips

(My purple tulips on my kitchen sink!) Lots and lots of books returned today. Several students needed signing out since they will be off to another school now. We have to make sure all their textbooks and library books are in before we can sign them off. Checked in books, shelved books. Sent back books to schools we had borrowed from. Worked on the February calendar - just needs the extra stuff. Pulled books for that - pulled books for the three classes that will be in first thing on Monday. Mr. W thanked me for putting numbers on the spines of all the books he will keep in class. Mrs. C came and got her texts. Mrs. H surprised me with purple tulips, a lovely 'Happy 1st Anniversary' card ("Thank you for all that you do. You are a true gift I love working with you!") and purple tulips that I take home to grace my kitchen. Tried to unjam the printer for a teacher and we got out paper from every orifice and it said it still had a jam! I worked some extra to finish things up before I left for the week - but it was good.

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Lisa said...

I really Love Mrs. W! She is fun to work with...I don't think I have ever seen her get mad, lose her cool, say a bad word, or even have a frown for very long. I have only seen her cry once, and that was tears of joy on her one-year anniversary in the library! She never engages in a pity party, nor does she allow me to wallow in the muck! She just gives me that look and a sarcastic boo hoo, then I know I have to straighten up and move on! I appreciate that! She really is a rare gift! Sprague is very luck to have her.