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Monday, January 12, 2009

Stage and Shelves

Today we worked on moving some of the science books around. First we moved the Tonal Harmony books into their new spot - they are listed under the subject 'Music' so they go after the Industrial Arts and before Science. I cleaned up the Industrial Arts shelves since a lot of the teachers just keep all the textbooks in their room and printed up a new accurate listing of books on hand and cleared off some labels that the books were just not kept here anymore. I also found two texts that had been removed from the list and added them back in. We moved the Biology, Chemcom, Chemistry, and Earth Science books to make room for the new Environmental Science books. Looks much better and now we'll have room for the returning books when the class is done. I also patched up the rest of The Stage and School books I had on the shelves and put one in Ms. L's box to show her what they could look like now and to just put it in our box if she liked it. She came all the way back to where I was moving books and was very appreciative of what I'd done. Also today: put money in accounts, checked in and out books, helped a student find something new to read - he said he liked Tom Clancy and didn't suppose we had anything like that here, and we most certainly do! So he picked out a couple to check out. I had my aide do her book report for this class, and she also moved books for me. Ms. A had a DVD she wanted played tomorrow before Channel One and we queued it up to check it all out and saw there were three segments. So I emailed her to ask which one and to make sure which day she wanted it played. She emailed back to say she wanted the last segment and tomorrow would be fine to play it.

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