The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16th - We have a sub for Mrs. H today, so I give her our 'Least Circulated Items' to work on. She's on crutches, so a good thing for her to do just sitting! I do the juniors for the CIS, Mr. H's class. We have a problem with a couple of kids, but the rest seem to have done some good work. I patch up more books and have a whole cart ready for Cody to put away when he comes in. I work with my aide on her bulletin board outside. I process a couple of magazines - I especially wanted to get the new Time magazine on the inauguration out for Tuesday morning. I help an aide find the boxes we use to ship things, I work with Mrs. C on finding information about the AGS Physical Science and AGS Earth Science teachers edition. I had emailed a couple of the middle schools, but ended up emailing all the middle and high schools to see if anyone has a copy. I talk with Mr. M about magazine subscriptions for his class next year and to look for my email on when we put those orders together. I have lunch at my desk and read (Tony Horwitz's Blue Latitudes). I repair more of the Prentice Hall Literature Platinum books and set them to glue for the three day weekend. Help kids out with various typical requests. Pull an old book from the LCI list since we have two copies and one of them is an old yellowing paperback.

January 15th - I get an idea in my head for a great poster - on the web I'm looking up things for the inauguration coming up on Tuesday and find the photo documents of Lincoln's inaugural address. Very cool. He had them printed, then made changes. So I print up the 7 pages and put together a long poster to hang in the hallway for next week and for the month of February. I will also probably do George Washington's as well, but I do need to get other stuff done today. I pull books off the shelf for edging - taping spines, edges and putting on corners and wings, glueing the inside hinges - there's a stack in the workroom for me to finish up tomorrow.

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