The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

German Withdrawals

Spent most of today withdrawing the German texts that Mr. J said we wouldn't be using anymore. I also asked Mr.'s H & C if I could surplus out a couple of old economics texts that were just sitting taking up shelf space and they said yes, I could. So, lots of new boxes waiting for the next pick-up date during spring break. Lots of classes coming in to drop of textbooks today - we shelved books all day as well. Processed a couple of magazines. Helped Mr. P with some financial books - checked him out a set of CD's on them and a class set of the books as well. Several emails from teachers about classes they will be bringing up next week to pick up texts for the new semester. Checked with Mr. J on a German text and he said that they may not be getting in an adoption because of the economic situation (!) so I told him to let me know if there were any books he'd like back before spring break and I would put them back in the system.

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