The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today I came in and helped out with covering some of the new books that are back from LMSS (Library Media Support Services). The counselors had scheduled a meeting and the library was closed all morning - it was sooo quiet! I never did see or hear them. After we reopened I did the usual student requests, and made a fact-mail (Just made that up!) to let teachers know when/how we are taking in semester one books and to schedule pick-ups for semester two. I also did an announcement for students on the lonely books shoved in lockers, alone and forgotten that would really like to reunite with their friends - hopefully that will work and we'll get back some books now instead of at the end of the year! My aide finished her bulletin board and I was proud of her for getting all that work done. It's a 'No Name Calling Week' board and she did a great job on the 'sticks and stones can break bones but words can break the soul'. The 'sticks' were cut out like sticks in brown paper - stones in gray - we found a 'bone' font for bones - she did a nice job. I processed magazines and did a request for a teacher on a set of magazines that haven't been seen since our snow. Checked in books and stayed a little late to help out watching the library.

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