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Friday, January 9, 2009

Covering and Repairs

January 9th: Had an assembly day today, so helped supervise the kids while they were in the library. Spent a lot of today working on my Friday repair day. Did some corner gluing, and a back endpaper needed gluing, got some more books back on the shelves, but mostly worked on a good system for replacing pages that have gone missing. I tried the fancy machine, working on duplex copies - 1-2 for some reason - but that wasn't working. Jammed the machine once but got it out. Luckily Mrs. H was still here and opened more drawers and things and put it all back together and it was working again. I finally ended up 'the old fashioned way' with just putting copies on the glass scanner, placing the first copy next to the edge, the second page over to the other side of the copy area and they came out beautifully, just had to put them in the book, fold where the original pages were, cut and tip in. Worked like a charm. I was very pleased with it. We have to use the old pages if we have them, due to copyright laws, but Mrs. H figures that it's all right to copy a page or two when that's all that's missing from having a complete book. One book I worked in today had 5 sheets that had fallen out, and they had carefully folded them up and taped them onto other pages! I tenderly lifted off the tape and tipped them in. I was the only one in for the last couple of hours though we did have a sub and she helped with our 'least circulated items' list. I talked with Ms. W about the accounting for our week of snow - I was confused with all the instructions, but I just need to see Ms. R on Monday to get that cleared up. I ended the day working with our The Stage and School books. I had asked Ms. L as she walked through the other day if she'd like me to patch them up a bit and she said yes. So I did corners and spine ends today on the copies we have back here. Read a student's story I was asked to read, put money in print accounts, checked on book copies for several students, answered questions, read and responded to emails, gave out a Nanowrimo bookmark to a student I hadn't seen since November! I closed everything up, put the money in the back, shut down computers and left everything else to Mr. M to finish up when homework club was done.

January 8th: Came in and covered the other Sir Gawain books, then covered the rest of the Ricochet River books that had been out when we covered them last spring, so all copies should now be covered. That took up most of my time. Had my aide work on the bulletin board outside the workroom. Mrs. H found a 'No Name Calling Week' for the end of January, so I'm having my aide put together a display for that. She did a great job so far. When class was over I checked with her and said, 'Those take a long time to do, don't they?' and she said yes, she hadn't realized how much work went into it. I also reminded her about the book report she has due for our class and found her a good horse book to read, War Horse. Checked out a couple of Hamlet's and various other books during the day. Had some Old Man and the Sea returned, processed the new Orion magazine.

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