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Monday, January 5, 2009

Slinky's, Stinky's and Wishes Come True

Yeah! Got to head back into work today. Came into the building to see kids doing a project with Slinky's in the hall. I heard that little chainy sound here and there throughout the day. Walked into a wonderfully clear workroom! All our boxes of surplus books are all gone! They must have been acceptable to ship, cause if they're not packaged right, the drivers won't take them, and ours are all gone - my work wish come true! I figure we had at least 80, probably 100 boxes stacked in two huge piles. I pulled down the old calendar and am working on a 'beach theme' for January - no more snow! When I pulled out some of our workroom drawers for poster paper, they were a mess. Mrs. H had spilled a coffee right before we left and we cleaned the floor, but didn't notice that the drawers had all been dripped in. So I got the cleaning rag and cleaned them all up, two drawers were even stuck together. Since I was in there, I decided to haul out the old posters that had been in storage there, probably for years, and recycled or dumped them as appropriate. I checked in a class set of The Journal of Finn Reardon. We had an aide that needed something to do so he put those away and also a partial cart of books that had been waiting over the break. I reset computers for students, handed out a '2 textbooks out' form and explained it to another student, checked out a few books and processed three weeks worth of magazines, nearly every magazine we have came in over the three weeks, some double issues. Also delivered magazines to teacher boxes. The custodian came and asked about some books that had been in a locker and gotten chocolate milk on them. He had double bagged them and put them into the boiler room because the smell was so bad and asked what to do. I had him bring them up to us, I'll take them outside tomorrow and open the bag. We'll get them cleaned up, if they really smell, they say putting kitty litter in a bag will pull out the smell, so maybe we'll get to try that one out! Then we'll assess if they need to be billed for repairs or to replace. Finished up the day working on the January calendar - a beach, some sand, and a book or two!

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