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Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Day Before Finals

Got in some more science textbooks today that will be used as supplemental units. Had our aides work on the prep. I talked with Mr. W about how to set these. They will be used by all the teachers from time to time, occasionally kids will check them out, but he'd really like them checked out to the department. Since Lisa is gone today I will check with her on if she wants to do that or not. They all have CD's, so I hand letter 'Sprague H.S.' with the book number on each one. Mrs. J suggests a way that one teacher has the kids not only sign to check out, but also sign when they bring the book back. I get the sub set up to work on the 'Least Circulated Items list' for the day. Process a couple of magazines. Check in two class sets of Sir Gawain and various other books. I draw out a schematic of the workroom on excel - should help the kids putting away the texts the rest of this week. Mr. J came and gave me the list of texts he will no longer be using as we get ready for the international language adoption that will happen this summer. Got to love a teacher on top of what's happening! Took in some emails on when teacher's will be by to pick up semester 2 texts and logged them in. Got carts all ready for the books that will be coming in tomorrow. Did a little bit of repair, reset the library search computers. Put money in print accounts. Helped a student with how to select the color printer for a project. I will be in early tomorrow and the rest of the week so I can help with student contact as they check in texts for the half day they are in school.

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