The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I come in today and show the Lifewater DVD blurb. Since we have to show it by hand, I need to sit and watch until it's over and then play Channel One. I begin to process magazines. We have our staff meeting and it's my turn to bring something to eat so I bring Rachel Ray's Fiesta salad with a bunch of stuff thrown in. Several people say they'd love the recipe so I google it and quickly send it out to the classified staff with my few additions. I finish up the magazines when I get back and Ms. K has left a note on my desk about coming to get Lab books for AP Chemistry, so I pull them out and their paper spines are showing quite a bit of wear and tear, so I tape up the spines on all the books. We don't have enough books for her class, so I check with Bookbyte, Amazon and Northwest Text Depository to see if they have any. Only Amazon has 2 copies, so I email the publisher and ask what they can do for us. They no longer make that edition but have a 2nd edition. He gives me the prices and I forward it onto Ms. K and send a thank you back to him. I get all the current books retaped and take a couple to glue the pages back onto the spines and get about 20 of the books checked out to her kids. Check out individual books here and there, use Vision to check on the kids on computer. I ask one kid to stop playing games on the computer since that is not allowed and when he continues, I pull up his computer and close down the site. I do some other repairs from last Friday and get a couple more books back on the shelf. I actually end up staying until about 3:30 just because I love it so! Mrs. H also gives me a quote that she'd like to see painted on the walls since my husband does calligraphy to see if he'd like to try doing that for us. A teacher comes in to see if our Tonal Harmony books came back from McNary and yes they are! All in their new spot! She takes one for Mr. H to look into and is happy we still have four of the workbooks for that as well. A couple of kids come by and ask what's the deal with my beach calendar! It's winter and they love winter! I told them it was summer somewhere and at least they looked at it!

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