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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Barrel Full of Books

Today we got in our barrel that is for collecting books. These books are for donating to kids during spring break along with Marion Polk Food Share, Roth's, and the Salem Area Chapter of Retired Educators. We're hoping kids and staff will bring in books for grades K-12. Anything to get a book into the hands of a child is a good thing. I wrote up an announcement for the staff, then Mrs. H found the attached email and we printed up flyers and sent one of our aides out to hang them up all over the school. I then used the flyer to submit an announcement to be read. I worked with one of our kids on the video he made for the blood drive coming up and made a few suggestions as we viewed it. He will retape it (since one of the Administrators asked that he remove a line he said) and it will air on Channel One, hopefully tomorrow. I checked in and out books, did a whole class of The Martian Chronicles, tracked down another book that we weren't sure where it came from, processed magazines and Mrs. H came by early and asked if we could make a list of things we needed to use from this years budget that we hadn't spent yet. 'Books?' I enquired hopefully. 'Well, supplies and the like, and sure, books too.' :) We started our new kids on taking the Dewey decimel test on shelving, I also had one of my aides work on moving books on the shelves to give some more room for Developing Child and Physical Science AGS. It was a busy day and Mrs. J and I were helping students all day long.

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