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Monday, February 23, 2009

Ask the Mutated Zombie Chickens from Mars!

Mr. C came by this morning looking for a short story. He wasn't sure of the name, or the author, so I began to poke around, found the title and author, tracked down the collections it may be in - there are two possibilities, one at South and one at McKay. So I queried South to see if they could send it. He also came back and had found the same info! Took in two class sets of Geometry Connections Volume 1 and handed out the Volume 2. Laminated the pile from Friday and the new stuff that came in today. Learned how to pull up the printers from Mrs. T since the computer lab is refusing to keep any of our printers up for printing. She also asked me to make two signs for our teacher computers that they are for teachers only! So I did. Processed magazines. Did some more repairs - one book was returned by a student because he turned a page and found swastikas drawn on, so I whited them out, another book had (luckily in pencil) the 'turn to page 32' you turn to it, 'turn to page 432' turn to it 'turn to page 96' etc, etc. One of the longer ones I've had to erase. Did some other taping as well. Had one of my aides work some more on the Read Across America bulletin board, and another one clear out both our display cases, clean them up and put in some children's books. They look very nice! He liked one of the pictures, so we left the book open to it: "Why did the chicken cross the road? Ask the mutated zombie chickens from Mars!" Very funny! He also picked Bad Kitty and my Mom's book she donated to the library Hello, My Name is Mudd, I Come From Rainbow City along with the few Seuss books we have and some others. I asked our aide if he ever thought of being a librarian!

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