The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can of Worms!

Not as many classes today, but still busy and a lot of students coming by one by one. We picked up some more aides for the library. I ran more pages of our 'Least circulated items' list for them to do when they had to sit and run the front desk and had no homework or anything else to do. I also worked on the shared novel list some more and got all the changes made to a new spreadsheet and worked on the additions. I sent out our list to the Instructional Leaders for them to look over and make changes and I guess I opened up whole can of worms! The books we've never checked out, the ones that are in terrible shape! Oh my! They will get the tally's together and give me their weeded list next week some time! Just before I left one of the math teachers had me box up some Algebra Connections V1 books, and check them out to West Salem and she'll take them over to the teacher over there since she lives right by him.

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