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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cuckoo's Nest

Did two class sets of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest today and got ready Snow Falling on Cedars and The Great Gatsby for tomorrow. Did some more repairs on others and did some spine taping on The Great Gatsby - I don't like handing out books that have obvious needs, pulled jammed paper from the copy machine laminated more bookmarks, worked on the new March calendar. I came up with a literary riddle for our Read Across America day:

These books became movies in 2008
Some were quite good and others were great!
Come into the library and search, take a look
a prize you could get if you show us the book!

Then to have books out for students to read during the day, bookmarks to hand out, that should be good! So, my March calendar will be on books that have been made into movies. Since the days are very close to the same, I'll use the numbers from this month and have 'film strips' from clip art of the A & B days. Another clip art of 'Spring Break'. We have old reels from the olden days and Mrs. M from the photo lab is getting me some film to wind around the board - then of course the books that have been made into movies. So, that should go up pretty easily on the 2nd. Helped out Mr. D, and conferred with Mr. A on some computer stored images, sent out an email to hopefully return our remote - and no response :(

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