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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Read Across America is coming!

Started today with counting the print money with our sub and getting it into the bookkeeper, then worked on things for this year's Read Across America on March 2nd. I had my aide pull off the old bulletin board and we started a new one, taught him how to work our letter cutter and he got that all done, One of our aides made some very cool Cat in the Hat hats! I printed some stuff off the NEA site and we made bookmarks to give out for that day. (Though Mr. S had a class in and I gave him one!) Checked in and out books, finished up the shared novels list and told Mr. A that it was ready to go on the site. He came with one of the tech kids and asked if we were just modifying or replacing, I said to replace and he said that made it much easier for them! So now it's up on the site - yeah! Only three of the six high schools now participate - another one just pulled out, which is very sad :( Did some repairs, got Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead all ready for a class, packed up some books for Mrs. H, she gets in books to see if we want to buy them, and our budget has been frozen, so she asked me to send them back, so I did.

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