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Friday, February 13, 2009

Laminated & UofO Symphony

February 13th - Came in early because the UofO Orchestra came to play today! From 8:15 - 9 am and they were superb. Our orchestra teacher invited the whole school to come and listen so I did. Amazing! Totally worth getting in early! I did help out Mrs. J for about a half an hour before I went. During the assembly we allow students to come into the library and we had about 120 of them in today. Mrs. J had to go to the assembly since she's the cheerleader coach, so it was up to me and our sub for Mrs. H to keep them monitored. I also ran more pages of the Least Circulated Items list for her to plug away on. We played the new video Sprague announcements for 2nd period, then I turned on the laminator for Mrs. A's class that needed a bunch of stuff taken care of. Got in lots of texts today that were billed since they hadn't been returned at the semester. If a textbook or library book has been billed, the report card will not be released. Mr. S came with the books that he had supposedly dropped off last summer. At least they're back! Talked with our bookkeeper about collecting all the returning book notices all in a day rather than having them come down one by one. Helped out students on computers today, checked out more books, got in The House on Mango Street for Mrs. L from another school and processed them in so they are ready to go for her class. After school I helped monitor the Manga club since Mrs. H couldn't be there and stayed until 4:30 with them.

December 12th - Today I had an entire pile of laminating to do, so I turned on the machine and let it warm up. It takes about 30 minutes to get up to the heat it needs, when it was ready I did all the lamination projects that had piled up since Mrs. H has been gone - she usually does them. I moved the Earth Science and Environmental Science books around to make room for the replacement Chemistry texts. Checked in and out books, worked on repairs, answered phone calls about books. One parent called that his student had returned all his books ("Mr. S got on the bus with 2 backpacks full of books!") back last summer and we had no record of it. He called just as I was leaving but I stayed and we spent 25 minutes on the phone checking out different things. I told him I'd call him back with what I found out.

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