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Friday, February 27, 2009

5 Seconds of Insanity!

It's said that we each get 5 seconds of insanity every day. I think I used up mine for the whole year. First of all, the books I pulled and so graciously put up by Mrs. J's desk for this morning, were the wrong books. I gave her Geometry Connections Volume 2 and they should have been the Algebra Connections Volume 2. Then, I thought I was supposed to have Ms. O's class in for CIS and Ms. C said Ms. O's class had a sub and they were just sitting there, so I went over and said they needed to come down, but they were all sure they had completed things. Three students decided to come and when we got there, Mrs. G's advisory was there, the real class I was supposed to have, Ms. O's class wasn't until the next advisory in March! Next, I had the new video for announcements and got talking with a teacher and Ms. C comes in saying "Didn't you get the video?" and we were already 5 minutes into 2nd period and I hadn't even given showing it a thought even though I had it loaded and ready to go. Argh! I felt like Charlie Brown - I thought I should just go home, climb back into bed and start over! Things got better! I took down the old calendar today and put up the new one. I used a lot of the old numbers, so it went up really quickly. I put books out on all the tables for Monday - half the tables had children's books to read, and the other half had short story collections. I put bookmarks in four different places and sent out the list of books that had been made into movies during 2008. My favorite part was finding The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in a collection of Fitzgerald's short stories. I did hand out 2 class sets of The Great Gatsby, 2 sets of Algebra Connections Volume 2 and a class set of Foundations of Algebra Year 2 Volume 2. Sent Ms. A the copy counts of Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Much Ado About Nothing. Not only did Mrs. H buy me lunch from Luv,Luv today, but I also got an all staff email from Mrs. T: "Every month Debbie does this absolutely amazing job of the Library calendar on the bulletin board behind her desk. I just happened to walk by just now as she is putting up the one for March. You really ought to take a look when you go by... I think it is awesome... I think she is awesome!" And Ms. G replied: "Way to go Debbie!" Mrs. T also told our web page techs they should display my calendar on the Sprague web page - Major blushing :) Maybe insanity is a good thing!

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Anonymous said...

Someone had quite the day! Haha. I'm sorry about that. But at least it turned out good!