The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shelving Aides

Today I worked on the new shelving assignments for our aides. We have 21 aides this semester, and we should have the books well shelved. I asked Mrs. H if we could do this since she'll still be out for a week and possibly more and she said to go ahead. I sent some Physical Science/Earth Science texts over to South, processed magazines, repaired The Stage and the School books, checked in and out texts to individual students. Worked with our sub to help us out with circulation, looking up student numbers and putting money on accounts and also asked if she'd be sure and come in on time for the Manga Club that meets tomorrow morning, laminated, fed the copier about 6 reams of paper (while getting a text pick up schedule from a teacher for next week), put our study room back together and herded back in the equipment that belongs there (one note here - our DVD player has its remote missing - ssshhhh! Don't tell Mrs. H - we hope to find it before she gets back - I looked all over for it), talked with our bookkeeper about the billing that went out and we'll go over the bills together and clear the texts that have gotten turned in tomorrow so she can send out report cards, dealt with students mucking about with computers ('Look! I can turn my screen upside down!' - ah, no.), helped one of our aides classify the texts so he could put them away, had another substitute that needed something to do for the rest of her day so I got her to front the shelves, worked the main desk with Mrs. J since she was swamped with students. We had a fire drill at 2:15 and it was beautiful and sunny and warm outside - ahhh! Finally closed up the library for the day about 3:45.

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