The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

56 Sets

We shifted over 56 classroom sets of books today. We ran all day long. We got a few things done today on the side, but mostly it was all books, all day. We had a few teachers ask to come in off the list and we took care of them as well. We set up for more classes tomorrow, but not with the thoroughness we had today. So we'll really have to be on our toes tomorrow! Our American Experience books I tried to only pull the ones in fair shape or that had already been repaired. We have lots that really need a lot of care. I also put together a display box of our 'Textbook Hall of Shame' for the students to see as they came in to the library. We had tables stacked with books all over the library, carts by me to roll over for the classes that came to the textbook window. After work I had signed up for the PowerPoint class over at West Salem HS to learn how the program works so I can help the students in the computer lab this year. I'll be doing that on Wednesdays for September.

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