The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today I got busy with packing up all the two full book cars of auto shop books that Mr. L had asked us to withdraw. Mrs. H is going to ask if anyone would like them before we surplus them out. They are withdrawn and ready to go, either to another school or off to surplus. I also worked on the C'est A Toi books that have been replaced. I cleared all the level two and three books today, withdrawing and packing up. I worked on the damaged Biology books, cataloguing them and charging the students as well as an Economics book. Processed in some Snow Falling on Cedars that were donated by a teacher, 2 hardback books and two teacher resources. Ms. M had asked another school for Ordinary People and they sent us an entire class set, so Ms. L-D is very happy she won't have to purchase any. I got those all in the system for her class to check out tomorrow. Helped a lot of students with their computer log-in numbers today, and put money into print accounts. Checked in and out texts as well as handing out workbooks. We each need to talk to our supervisor about our personal goals and school climate goals for the year, so I sent an email to Mr. W to set up an appointment with him. Mrs. B asked when workbooks would be coming in and I sent an email saying that no workbooks had been ordered and attached an order sheet. Closed up the library tonight since Mrs. H had a meeting to go to, shutting down lights, letting the students know we'd be closing up early. Found a binder from a student and he came in to study, so I brought it over to him, he was relieved we had it. Then off to my PowerPoint class at West.

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