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Monday, September 28, 2009

At Last!

I had dropped and broken my camera at Yellowstone this summer, so I went to Mr. R and Mr. A and asked to use the tech camera to take a picture of my bulletin board for September, so they made sure I wouldn't drop it by using the neck strap! Then a nice student tech uploaded the photo and I posted it to the first day of school (New Oly Day). Very nice! I got a call from tech services and I have access to the main frame again. Mrs. H is doing her page in our school paper, The Torch, and asked me to write a little blurb for National Novel Writing Month. I host the blue computer lab from 2:45 to 4 pm every school day for anybody that wants to try and write a novel in 30 days. I love doing it! So I wrote up a small paragraph and it will go in her 'Hot off the Shelf' page. I processed a People and The New Yorker magazines. Answered emails - one from our science department head who needed a count of Biology, Physics and Fundamentals of College Physics so he could be prepared for next year. Another question from Mr. H on the materials from Mr. M. He wants to send some of the texts back (Mr. M had 6 pages of texts checked out to him!) and keep some so we will work that out. I look for The Art of Racing in the Rain, one of our new books I had seen on our 'New Books' rack, and it's not anywhere I can find in the library and supposedly it is in! This week is Banned Book Week, so I throw up a quick bulletin board about banned books on the board by our workroom door. We get in our borrowed copies of Bien dit! and more Foundations of Algebra Year 2 Vol. 1 and I process those in and let the teachers know. Then we get in the new set of Physical Science with Earth Science books. At last! Mr. W ordered 90 books to cover the rest of the freshmen class. I know of one class that didn't get any, so I emailed them first to come and pick them up after I processed them. I spent the rest of the day working on them, found 3 copies that need to go back and am holding off printing more labels until I've finished breaking in the rest of the books. We also got in our tech books that we are getting from South since they were just going to surplus them and our Follett rep came by and wants to buy 50 of our Cest A Toi Level One books. So we left a note for Mrs. H since she was in a meeting.

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Batgirl said...

Mrs. W is such an amazing part of our library staff. It is a privelage to work with her everyday!