The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cataloguing Damage

Today we checked out books again all day long. We were running out of Physical Science with Earth Science and I started cataloguing all the damaged books so we could check them out. We still have a class to go and only about 20 books left. Mrs. H helped me today to finish up tagging all the books so the last class could check them out today. I thought an hour would be fine, but ended up checking out so many classes that I needed the extra hand. We had some great aides in today that helped putting class sets together and I think we have mostly Biology books to go, with just a scattering of other books. We made it through the Prentice Hall Gold literature books, which really surprises me since we had such a huge freshman class. Had a few teachers come and pitch in when I didn't have the time to pull books, they are amazing people! Got in a lot of individual students today as well, dropped a class, picked up another so I checked in the dropped books and checked out the new class books. Put money into print accounts. Helped students get logged into their computers. Nearly back to a normal work day. I also got approved to take vacation time and just time off to visit my granddaughter over Thanksgiving! Thank you!

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