The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stacks and Stacks

More and more books today. I had my monitor screen shutting down and had to stop and check the cords to find that the power cord was coming unplugged. When I put the scanner over to the library side, it rubs against the power cord plugged into the back of the screen and over time had started to disconnect it. That was a simple fix! We all worked hard today to get all the kids checked out and ready for classes. We were checking out books right, left and center (Ms. M, me and Mrs. H). I put together 4 classroom sets of books for teachers to take to their class as well as all the classes we've done the last two days. Started to check out regular library books to kids. Had to hand enter students that had just come into school. Tried to only set out books that were in decent shape. I have book piles in the back that I want to work on before I check them out. With all the repairs I did last winter and what got repaired over the summer, things are definitely better than what they were last year. I'm working to pull the repaired books for check out and keep the ragamuffin books for their Extreme Book Makeovers!

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