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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scan Boldly!

Friday - September 11th: Another day of massive checkouts. Some of the students are timid about scanning their ID cards so I tell them "Scan Boldly" which was a take-off from Martin Luther's 'Sin boldly' but the students saw it more in a Star Trek "Scan boldly where others have scanned before" idea. Very cute! We also cleaned up the library from texts that are done with check outs and put them on carts in the back. I talked with our bookkeeper on the Physical Science with Earth Science texts that were damaged. I didn't have enough time last year to get those all catalogued before we left for the summer, so that will be my #1 priority on Monday. I looked for more Wir, die Jugend texts for Mr. J and added in Their Eyes Were Watching God books we had sent over for a class here. We also had CIS advisory today and my computer lab was down. Only one girl was able to log in. The techs spent a lot of time after the kids left working on reconnecting the lab properly. I will try and remember to spot check computers before advisory next time, but kids had been in before school and had no problems.

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