The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

People & People

Spent today again dealing with many individual student requests. Checking in books, checking out books, picking up workbooks, a pretty constant flow all day. Checked out more class sets of books, but on a much smaller scale. Worked on more magazines and got all the teacher copies put out for them, and it seemed like I worked all day on People magazines cataloguing all the copies since June. I also worked with South HS with our old accounting textbooks. We received a grant and got new copies, so our accounting teacher told us to go ahead and surplus out the old edition. When I got a request for 10 - 20 of the old edition copies for South, I let them know that we had 65 we were getting rid of, and would they like them all! We got a very nice, Yes! A good chance to share resources with other schools. I withdrew the first lot this afternoon, boxed them up and sent them out. Got a request today for Beowulf to be checked out tomorrow and Geometry Connections. I'll be able to get other work done! We also got in our Demco order and can begin repairing books! Ms. M took a whole cart of Prentice Hall Gold and will start on them, a good thing! We have plenty of repairing to work through all winter!

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