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Friday, September 25, 2009

Access Prohibited

We are on Advisory Schedule today so right into the computer lab and turn on all the computers. My scheduled sophomore class will be here right away and none of the computers are on! I spend the advisory with Ms. K's class getting them into the CIS website, updating their personal information and working on the Skills Assessment they are doing for today. The computers are slow, but at least they are working today. I got an email from Mrs. S this morning if we could send down 37 World History books down to her room, so I load them on a cart, check them out to her and get one of our aides to take them down in the elevator to her class. She needed them by the end of 2nd period. A student asked how many books he had out so I looked that up for him. Got in ten Foundations of Algebra Year 2 Vol. 1 and processed those in and let the math department know they are here. Mrs. H brought over my NaNoWriMo workbooks for this November. I can't wait to hand them out. We only got ten, but that should do us. I reset the new workbook prices for the year, a couple had gone up and took the email from Mr. M on how the Spanish workbooks match with classes that are a bit easier to figure out. Contacted McDougal publishing on the status of the French books we had ordered to see how far we've gotten on the back orders and hopefully they will be in week after next. Processed a Sports Illustrated. I got the billing info for a damaged DVD and when I went to bill the student, I was told "Scheduled Terminal Access Time Expired - Access Prohibited". Hummmm. I sent in a tech request on that one. They called later and had no idea what was going on and will check with someone on Monday as to what that possibly meant. Handed out a lot of Chem Lab Notebooks today and unpacked two more boxes of them to put on the shelf ready to go. We had a student in with these amazing rainbow pants. I had to say something. I asked if he did reading rainbow and he said he hadn't thought about it! Withdrew the rest of the Cest A Toi books and teacher materials. Packed them all up and labeled for surplus and cleaned up the Trac-it base once they were all gone. Mr. H asked me to send him the check-out record for our retired Mr. M so I printed it up and put it in his box. Wrote up a workbook request for another Mr. M. Talked with one of the librarians at another school about how we label our magazines. One of our teachers wants to have five of the books that another school is getting rid of so I sent the request and they will send them here instead of to surplus. I love it when we can share! I asked some questions to Ms. M about Trac-it since she was one of the people Mr. A used and got feedback from when he created the program. I asked about deletions and could I also just delete books as well as withdraw them. I also asked about the 'Repair and Compact Data' tool. I had never used it and was kind of afraid to do it, but she said that she did it about every four months so I clicked and it says it worked! I finished up the day reorganizing teacher materials. We had a lot of space on the east side of the rack and the west side is jammed and overflowing to our magazine rack so I started moving materials and using the space more efficiently! Happy Friday! Off to take a nice walk in the afternoon sun!

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