The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Oly Day

Spent most of the day getting the textbooks ready for checking out tomorrow. Ms. M did a great job getting carts loaded and out on tables. I added more teachers to the list, most were going for Friday's and Monday's times so I had plenty of room for them there. We also had to complete the district's mandatory training for the year. We had to take the test at the end and I scored 100%. I also put up the new September calendar, mostly recycling the calendar from last year so it will be all ready when we open the window tomorrow. I also discovered that when some workmen were in last week they did not reconnect the power and cables to our Channel One equipment. I figured out the connections and we had Channel One and the local TV all up this afternoon. We only had freshmen today, and we went out to the freshman BBQ and mingled a bit with the kids in the Commons. I also requested getting some vacation time during Thanksgiving week to travel to Italy to see my new granddaughter. We won't have students that week at all, just conferences, and I only have 2 work days. So, I hope that it will all be approved. The big check out push begins tomorrow!

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