The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, September 21, 2009


A student came to me this morning and said that there was a girl in the bathroom laying down on the floor who wouldn't respond. I immediately called the office to report and headed to the bathroom. Ms. H was in the bathroom with the girl and said she was breathing. Security came and called the paramedics and they made the decision to transport her. A great working together of the whole body of the school. I hope the student is doing all right. I worked on the excel spreadsheet I started for charging the students who came back with damaged texts. I went through the Trac-It system and also added in all the comments for each text. I handed out workbooks students bought. I asked for more Physical Science with Earth Science texts. I sent an email to a department head about a text, revisited the pricing for that text. Asked Ms. M to borrow Ordinary People from other schools. sent Mrs. H the PDF file for the NaNoWriMo workbooks. I processed some teacher magazines and talked with Ms. M about that she has magazines from a family member that could be used in our detention room. I showed a student how to log into our search computers and use them. He wanted The Bourne Identity.

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Anonymous said...

Man, thats no good about the girl. Did you ever find out what was going on with her?