The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Had a Good Title for This One

Got in today and we got in new books! Introduction to Health Science Technology, so I processed those and made sure the teacher knew that they were in. We had two aides during that period and I showed them how to break in the spines and stamp the books, they loved working on them. Cleaned up emails today, filed some, deleted old ones. Sent off 15 Mathematics with Business Applications to McNary. Boxed up almost all of the Cest A' Toi level one books today (there was a lot!). Our surplus pile in the back is growing. Checked out a student who is moving out of state. Asked South if they still needed Geometry books, since we just finished checking them out and we did have extras, but they are fine. We had some extra help today so we set her to work on reading shelves. I knew where our last help had ended, so she took over from there and let me know where she had finished. Handed out workbooks to students that had purchased them, checked in and out textbooks, put money in print accounts, looked up login numbers for students. Sent a request for a quote on a damaged DVD for the sign language class. I close up the library again since Mrs. H was sick today. Nite, nite Library!

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