The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cahier d'activités

I got an email from our French teacher that great I'd finished the vocab books, now we just needed the rest. The rest??? Oh, yeah, there they are sitting on a shelf by the workbooks. So, I processed them all in and now all six sets are ready to go. Fielded a request for To Kill a Mockingbird for tomorrow. Had a student come in and he needed to print up a paper. He had quite the run around while we tried to access his account and he finally got his paper printed and left. He also left his computer up on his account and the title of the attachment was 'Bull***t 20th Century report'. It was sad. I closed everything down and logged him out. Had another three students in today being very lame and sad as well. I gave them two warnings and finally sent them back to study hall. Started to work on our new permabound Richard III. A very nice set for Mr. S. Still some students checking in and out books. Had some leadership students offer to put books away so I had them put away all the rest of the cart sets of books from classes.

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