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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Great Books of the Western World

A set of books older than I am! Mrs. H pulled The Great Books of the Western World and called LMSS to see if they wanted them, and they did. Mr. C said they were exactly what he wanted for their historical book collection. I withdrew them and boxed them up to be sent over. Checked in 3 class sets of math books and checked out 3 sets. Also checked out a class set of The Arrival to Mrs. M for her class. Worked on next month's calendar. Dealt with many an individual check in or out. Got class sets of math books ready for 5th period tomorrow. Cleaned up the back workroom from the repairing I did yesterday. Had some Elements of Argument books that were misbound! So I checked what we had left on the shelf and they were all fine. I let Mrs. G know that we had 17 copies left and for the kids to bring in the books with the double set of pages 713-744 (and no 745-776!) and we would trade them out. Then I would make sure to contact the publisher so we can get them taken care of.

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