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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lame Music

Came in today and Mrs. H was teaching the book making class. Mr. N asked if he could bring his kids in to pick up books today at fourth period instead of tomorrow. So I checked out America: Pathways.. to his block class. Mrs. S asked for 20 Western Garden and sent back 45+ World History. Put money into print accounts all day, checked in and out books, handed out Personal Finance workbooks to students that had receipts of purchase from the bookkeeper. Worked with students printing out their books, helped a bit with the book making class this afternoon. At the end of the day our music teacher came in looking for music books, he'd like his kids to check out some texts, so I showed him what we had and how to access the database and that we'd love his input on what books we should have available here in the library, so I hope he does that!

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