The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Friday - the 19th - Mrs. M was home sick today and since I'd gotten a call for the laminating, I turned on the machine and then did all the laminating that had piled up. Right when I was almost done, Mrs. K brought me more! So I got all that cleared up. I helped out our Italian exchange student. She was looking for something with physics and some latin. So I brought her out our two physics texts and an old set of latin books that we've just kept around. She took one of the physics books and both the latin. The Dawnsign rep called and we talked about getting some extra DVD's for Ms. H. We had a fire drill today which was awesome because it was gorgeous outside. I also swore earlier today that birds had gotten inside the building because they were so loud! But when I checked the hall, they were outside! Processed three teacher magazines and three for the library. Did lots of print money and computer resets. Helped out the sub. Got all the American Experience books all gutter glued for the weekend. When I come back on Monday, they'll be ready for the next step.

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