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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saving One Mom at a Time

I come in today to find our students and Mrs. H completely wrapped up in making their book covers for an English class. Strings, bubbles, marbling, and chalk prints all getting made to go around the story they will be making up next week! It was very fun! All day long students trickled in, bringing in a book, checking out a book. A mom called and her son has left us, and when she called the office, they said his locker had been checked and it was empty, and she knew she'd seen his textbooks in the aforesaid locker. So, I got his locker number and combination, and was told I'd need security to come with me (to confirm I only took out the books I suppose). One of our office staff said no, the locker had been checked and signed off on and I didn't need to. I know the staff member that had signed off on it, and couldn't imagine she'd be wrong. So, when another security person walked by, I grabbed them and we went down into the 'Pit' to check, and sure enough, there were all the books he'd been billed for but one that mom was going to pick up and bring down next week. Mom's intuition maybe? I was very happy we'd found them and called her to let her know that we did have them and it felt good to take that burden off her mind, that was over $200 in book fees she was thinking she'd have to pay. Our other good news was NINE! Huzzah! Boxes of books came in from Baker and Taylor. So I got to unbox them all and Mrs. M got started checking them off. Two whole cart loads and a few extra. We worked on putting the tattle strips in them and putting them out for students to check out! A great day!

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