The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

9 Hours

Did a lot of checking in and out today. Mrs. M's students coming down on their own to check out The Great Gatsby. Mr. M's sub came and picked up The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty and Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Mrs. S had an aide come by and get Witness. Worked on the withdrawn books, lining out the 'Sprague' stamps and stamping them 'withdrawn' with the date. Had students in to study doing the Free Rice program, so I told them to study or go back to class. Had another student leave out the emergency doors. I slid over the counter and got her attention and asked her why she went out those doors when they are clearly marked emergency exit only. I told her there was a reason for that and she said all right. Packed up books for the spring surplus pick up. Processed 2 teacher magazines and 5 for the library. Got in two boxes of french items and told Ms. B about them and she came and picked them up. Processed in a German/English dictionary for Mr. J. Got another cart of reference pulled for Mrs. H to look over. All the rest got packed up and ready to go! A parent called about getting billed for damages to a Physical Science with Earth Science book for her daughter and was very upset. Her daughter claimed that she hadn't done anything to the book and she wanted to see the damage before she would pay the $5 charge and claimed we were 'blind' charging without any proof. She asked if we could get the book to look at, and I said another student had it. She wants us to ask the student for the book back so she can see it. I tried to explain that we couldn't keep the book, and needed to check it out since a student needed it, but she insisted on viewing the damage for herself even after I read off the comment I had made on the book. So, I will send for the student tomorrow and swap out books with her so this parent can see the damage. Mr. S, our principal, came and met with us this afternoon and wanted to let us know that the district has decided to cut Library Media position hours. At Sprague we currently have 12.75 hours a day between Mrs. M and I, and it needs to be down to 9 hours a day when we come back in September. We were all very saddened by the news. I love my job as a library media assistant. Even just at 5.75 hours a day. I wanted to just come home and cry. It's been such a joy to love coming to work here and being around books and serving our students.

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