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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quilting in the Library

Processed in our very own copies of La dama del alba! We have been borrowing from South HS for years, and the department decided we just needed our own copies! A very exciting decision! I sent out a notice to get back the damaged Physical Science with Earth Science book so the parent from yesterday can see the damage. I had packed a lot of boxes and they were pretty large, so I weighed one today to make sure they would be under the 50 pound limit, they were, just! Checked in and out all day, students from Ms. M's class needed The Great Gatsby and came in one by two by threes and fives. I would bring out a stack of them, and have to go back and get another stack. I checked for a lost textbook, put money into print accounts, put the collected monies from Mrs. M and I into our little lock box, worked on repairs, tried to find our Salvatore that has the first three books on the legend of Drizzt for a student. It appears to be missing. Today, some of the ladies on staff here have been working on a quilt for a student and brought it into the library to get it tied together. This student has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and it was truly an honor to get to help on this project for just a bit today. The back side is all micro-fleece and the front is made from Sprague t-shirts and signed by staff and student squares. A beautiful gift for a beautiful girl.

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