The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You're welcome! We got in some more Langenscheidt German Pocket Dictionaries today, so I processed them and got them to Mr. J. Also four more La dama del alba for Mr. M. Processed a new Sports Illustrated for us and Coach H. The front row of computers in my lab was all pushed forward and had wires all over and since they've decided to go and put in new labs, I went over and taped up all the wires today and retaped the floor holders that hold the wires across the aisle. I had a student help me unwind the neon green 6 inch tape and he was surprised at how sticky it was and hard to pull. I told him it was cross training for his sport! Checked in lots of Hunger Games and checked out more The Great Gatsby's, math books, other novels and assorted other texts. I did a lot of computer lab monitoring to keep the kids on track since they only have one more day before spring break. Worked on repairs, more of the American Experience got put back on the shelf today and Mrs. H and I counted out the print money and verified it and she took it up to the bookkeeper. Mr. S came and pulled me aside for a moment to let me know that he had worked out the hours for the library and I would come back in the fall to my current hours. That was a huge relief! I can leave for spring break with a great weight off my shoulders! I appreciate him so much for taking the time and talking to me face to face. Do I work at a great school or what?

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