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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Sleep Book

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss! Mrs. M had put out our Dr. Seuss books on the tables for the kids to read today. When I walked by The Sleep Book after first lunch, it had been bent in half - I was so upset. The students had even set it up again on the table. We had just gotten that book last spring and this morning it was fine.
So sad some people
decide to destroy
a book that's put out
for them to enjoy

I checked out 3 class sets of Algebra Connections Volume 2 and took in 3 class sets of Algebra Connections Volume 1. Did some repairs, checked out a class set of World History to Mr. C. I pulled the books for tomorrow, checked in and out individual students, processed 8 teacher magazines and 8 for the library. Caught that one of our aides had just taken the books to be put away and shoved them on the shelves in no order whatsoever. Processed 8 teacher magazines and 8 for us. Straightened out a bit of the back room, had to restock the copy machine with paper for a teacher. I had to clean up some sticky Algebra Connection Volume 2 books. Withdrew some books and set up some books for tomorrow. Also worked on some repairs.

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