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Monday, March 29, 2010

Epic Fail

Back from break and I was so busy I was glad to get back to work, though I probably would've been glad in any case! Checked out two class sets Of Mice and Men, one class set of First Aid and CPR, and another of Night. Processed in 47 copies of Colored People and with Mrs. M's help, we got them all covered to check out tomorrow. I e-mailed Ms. F and she was so excited they were ready. Mrs. M is a great co-worker! I picked up some more of our bookmarks. I set them out when classes come in for class sets and I was getting low. Put in money for print accounts, checked in and out books today. Sent in a tech request for a student who was having trouble accessing an employment application. We have a sub in for the week for our SK Online room and he wanted to check out a book and I said 'sure!' I got him all set up and he took Hunger Games. I processed in three Classroom Instruction that Works for Mr. S our principal. Processed in 7 teacher magazines and 7 for us from all last week while we were off. A parent called that her daughter had been charged for a book and didn't have that class this year, so I changed the billing. Since I managed to get into the Main Frame, I also checked out the billing for a couple of students on some DVD's. We actually got a better price on them, so I reduced the billing charge to the correct amount. I did some lab monitoring today and found a student playing a game, so I ended the game, then he went on to scroll through the Epic Fail website so I went over and asked what he was doing. He admitted he had finished his work and I sent him back to class. Thanks to Ms. A for pointing him out to me in the first place. Also processed in four more German Dictionaries for Mr. J. Mr. M got in more La dama del alba and I will process those in tomorrow morning.

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