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Monday, March 15, 2010

Asimov's Shakespeare

Mr. L left some books on my desk this morning for me to check in. Mrs. S was in with a class and needed a set of Witness, so I got a set together and checked them out for her. I found three copies that were bent and noted that in the Trac-it comment section for each book and printed up a notice for each and taped them inside. Mr. M also asked for some Where Have All The Flowers Gone? and The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty books and I rounded up enough copies between textbooks and the library copies so his class should have enough. I checked them out to him so they will be ready to go in the morning. We had Advisory again this morning and I helped more seniors work on their resumes. Part way through the class, a couple of kids came in and started to hook up with their computers, so I asked what were they doing. They said they had some work to do, and I told them no, everyone but seniors were supposed to be in the gym. Really??? I sent them off! Had three magazines to process for the library. An emancipated student (over 18 and legally responsible for himself) needed a second textbook for a class, so I had him sign our '2 textbooks out' slip and then told him hopefully the old book would come back in before the end of the year. If it didn't, I could give him the ISBN # and he could go down to Bookbyte and get a copy cheaper than paying us here. One of the other librarians asked for help on some pages coming out of a book, she thought she could just tape them in :0 So, I told her how I do page tipping and gave her a link to an excellent resource on book repair. She was very appreciative. Mrs. H went through all the carts I pulled Friday and I withdrew all the books except for a few she wants to keep. We'll have aides cross out the stamps and use our big 'withdrawn' stamp on them so I can box them up for the surplus haul over spring break. One of them was a second copy of Asimov's Shakespeare - scifi and the bard! What a combination!

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