The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

T.P. Fashion Show

Mrs. H brought me in a ton more magazines this morning, so 7 more for the teachers and 7 more for us. The rest of La dama del alba arrived yesterday so I processed all of those in. At noon, we were invited to be judges for a T.P. costume contest in Mrs. G's class. They are reading Hunger Games and had to think up costumes like in the parade at the beginning, but they could only use t.p. We decided District 1 had the best followed by District 7. I think it was the 'dazzle' on the headpiece (colored t.p. rosettes) that decided us all! Checked out a class set of Colored People, more Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and got ready Ricochet River for tomorrow. Worked on some more repairs and helped a mom at the last minute. Her son lost his book and she wanted to check one last time to see if it had been turned in, so I gave her the ISBN number and told her about Bookbyte here in town. Had a book come in that is unusable, and I had already talked to the student about it, the top half had gotten wet and had all bloated and molded, so I had to bill her for a replacement copy.

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