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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Lobotomy - Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off!

Today was a real repair day, lots of things done to books and some back on shelves and others in various states of repair. Lots of more individual check ins and outs. Magazines, one for a teacher and two for the library and our insignia was back up, so that was good! Pulled a cart of Nineteen Minutes for check out tomorrow. I had one repair where someone had stuck a delivery tag on it, covered a quarter of the front cover. So with a little WD 40, and my trusty putty knife, I got it all off. A bit of rubbing alcohol to clean it and it's a lot better! Had a cover coming off the end boards and someone had just tried to tape it, so I split off the tape and began the gluing process. My corner fix on Glencoe Health turned out sweet and is ready to check out. Sometimes during our lunch time, we'll grab a magazine or a book. Mrs. H was reading the current Newsweek, and I grabbed a book from Mr. L's cart and just cracked up - My Lobotomy and up in the corner was a Borders sticker 'Buy One - Get One Half Price' absolutely cracked me up! A second lobotomy at half price, what a deal!

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