The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Manga Club

Today I did a lot of repairs, checked in and out lots of individual students. Checked in a class set of Hunger Games and out Nineteen Minutes. We got in a shipment of books. I was curious and opened a box to see, then noticed one of the books Go Ask Alice and I remembered that the school was getting in lit sets of books. Seven sets of books for 9th and 10th grade classrooms, two boxes for each of the ninth, three boxes for each of the 10th. We are not to use them, or do anything to them, so all I did was stack them in order for the classes to be able to come by and pick them up easier. Mrs. H let our principal know they were here and ready to go out. We had another advisory today and I again had to help the few seniors in that set that still needed to do a resume, so I put up the instructions from before and helped walk them through the program for Resume Wizard. I also got to watch over the Manga Club for just a bit tonight before I left. Mrs. H had a meeting to go to and Mrs. D was to come in after she got her classroom all locked up, so I got to watch this very energetic and boisterous group. They are great kids and I felt a bit sad to leave them.

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