The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Great Books of the Western World

A set of books older than I am! Mrs. H pulled The Great Books of the Western World and called LMSS to see if they wanted them, and they did. Mr. C said they were exactly what he wanted for their historical book collection. I withdrew them and boxed them up to be sent over. Checked in 3 class sets of math books and checked out 3 sets. Also checked out a class set of The Arrival to Mrs. M for her class. Worked on next month's calendar. Dealt with many an individual check in or out. Got class sets of math books ready for 5th period tomorrow. Cleaned up the back workroom from the repairing I did yesterday. Had some Elements of Argument books that were misbound! So I checked what we had left on the shelf and they were all fine. I let Mrs. G know that we had 17 copies left and for the kids to bring in the books with the double set of pages 713-744 (and no 745-776!) and we would trade them out. Then I would make sure to contact the publisher so we can get them taken care of.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the Back

Today they were doing ASVAB testing in the library, so I worked in the back on book repair with Mrs. M and we actually got time to talk together for once! With her and I on completely different ends of the library, we don't get to talk much! We got in a couple more boxes of new books, so I started on cutting the covers out of the laminated roll. When the library opened up we moved back in. I checked in and out more books, processed a People magazine for us and worked on covering the new paperback books. A class came in and turned in their Geometry Connections Volume 1 and then picked up the Geometry Connections Volume 2.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Checked out ten more Western Garden books to Mrs. S - three different editions to get her the ten she wanted. Checked out a class set of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Checked in and out individual books today as well. Processed three teacher magazines and four for us. We got in three small boxes of books and I got distracted from bringing Mrs. M a cart to put them on! Ah, new books! Checked out a class set of Literature and Language. Did more repairs to American Experience as well. Also the gaming has really picked up in the labs and I talked with Mrs. H and sent out an e-mail to her, the techs and yeah, we need to put a stop to it, so we will crack down on that tomorrow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oregon Authors

Worked on getting my list together of Oregon authors for our focus in March. I looked up Oregon authors and checked to see if we had any of their books in our collection. I got it started then set up our sub to work on the list while I did other things! Checked in and out books, talked again with our Italian student that Mr. S had also suggested she talk with Mr. J who used to teach latin here. I got the order for Dawnsign Press all together and Mrs. H took it in and got everything ordered today. I had to call and ask some more questions, but it's all set today. Another teacher wanted some extra texts for his class so I got that all together as well. Mrs. H and I also looked at the new book shelves here for our collection when they take out the shelves in redoing the computer labs. The day flew by!


Friday - the 19th - Mrs. M was home sick today and since I'd gotten a call for the laminating, I turned on the machine and then did all the laminating that had piled up. Right when I was almost done, Mrs. K brought me more! So I got all that cleared up. I helped out our Italian exchange student. She was looking for something with physics and some latin. So I brought her out our two physics texts and an old set of latin books that we've just kept around. She took one of the physics books and both the latin. The Dawnsign rep called and we talked about getting some extra DVD's for Ms. H. We had a fire drill today which was awesome because it was gorgeous outside. I also swore earlier today that birds had gotten inside the building because they were so loud! But when I checked the hall, they were outside! Processed three teacher magazines and three for the library. Did lots of print money and computer resets. Helped out the sub. Got all the American Experience books all gutter glued for the weekend. When I come back on Monday, they'll be ready for the next step.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Curling in the Hall

I had two of our aides check out the curling stone in the hall today. It really is not meant for the halls on the little 6-wheel cart it sits on. I don't think it works like that on ice! Had a class come down and want Economics books so I rushed into the back and loaded up a cart. Checked in and out books today, worked on my info for the new March calendar on Oregon authors and where they live. Worked on my new cart of repairs and got all those glued and setting for tonight. Worked on contacting Dawn Sign about our current Signing Naturally DVD's and also contacted Warner Books about some To Kill a Mockingbird that we got in 2003 and they are getting pretty worn. The covers are nearly like the Permabound so I'm seeing if we can get them replaced or not. We have nearly 500 books so it would be lovely to get some nicer copies in if we can get them replaced.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lame Music

Came in today and Mrs. H was teaching the book making class. Mr. N asked if he could bring his kids in to pick up books today at fourth period instead of tomorrow. So I checked out America: Pathways.. to his block class. Mrs. S asked for 20 Western Garden and sent back 45+ World History. Put money into print accounts all day, checked in and out books, handed out Personal Finance workbooks to students that had receipts of purchase from the bookkeeper. Worked with students printing out their books, helped a bit with the book making class this afternoon. At the end of the day our music teacher came in looking for music books, he'd like his kids to check out some texts, so I showed him what we had and how to access the database and that we'd love his input on what books we should have available here in the library, so I hope he does that!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Came in today to total chaos, or at least it seemed so. Mrs. M was gone today, so I helped out the sub we had. Printing up books for the book project tomorrow, putting in money for printing, checking in and out books. We got in the replacement books for volumes we owe other schools and I packed them up and sent them out. Got ready Concepts in Athletic Training ready to ship out to South HS. Another teacher came up looking for Possibilities which I had withdrawn, but they were still here. So she took them all and I showed her how to add them into her Trac-it program. I also worked on repairs and finally finished book #155. This was a book where both covers had been bent back. I peeled off the cover and endpapers, added in new board ends and glued them all together. I put new edges on everything and taped the corners and spine ends. Just a little glue before I left and a book that we would have had to toss will go bac on the shelf tomorrow! Off to the Sprague Book Club meeting!

Friday, February 12, 2010

'I'm Feeling Very Olympic Today!'

Just about everyone I met today was ready for the three day weekend. I spent the morning finishing up taking off the covers of all the books Mrs. H had in the back (there were five boxes all together), packing up the textblocks for surplus and getting all the covers packed into boxes for next week. I checked in and out books and got the privilege of putting a lot of money into print accounts since students were printing up their stories for the books next week. Mrs. M brought her money back and I put hers and mine into the lock box we have for that. I also did some repairs and they are coming along nicely. The back is looking very cleaned up and I'm very pleased with it. 'I'm feeling very Olympic today!' just like Sanka in the movie Cool Runnings and am looking forward to watching the action the next three days!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Checked out a class set of To Kill a Mockingbird and a class set of Glencoe Health. Processed in the permabound Richard III and let Mr. S know they were ready. I also had to rearrange shelf space for Richard, but it turned out a bit easier than my first impression of the space. I had a student that needed a book and the teacher said she turned it in, so I hunted around today and found it. Withdrew Concepts of Atheletic Training that Ms. W said they wouldn't be using anymore and found two boxes up on the shelf top of The Lively Art of Writing. I have no idea why or how long they'd been there. So I boxed them up for surplus. We had our classes do their book covers the other day, and we needed more book covers to use. Mrs. H had found some old encyclopedias from other schools that they were going to surplus, so she brought them in and I got to destroy books by cutting off the front and back boards for our kids to use. It was kind of fun! I didn't get through them all, so I will work on those tomorrow as well. Checked in and out books today, found a lost book for a student that had been put away without getting checked in. Talked with the bookkeeper about another book that had been billed, but now seems to be here, but was never taken off his bill. So she took it off.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cahier d'activit├ęs

I got an email from our French teacher that great I'd finished the vocab books, now we just needed the rest. The rest??? Oh, yeah, there they are sitting on a shelf by the workbooks. So, I processed them all in and now all six sets are ready to go. Fielded a request for To Kill a Mockingbird for tomorrow. Had a student come in and he needed to print up a paper. He had quite the run around while we tried to access his account and he finally got his paper printed and left. He also left his computer up on his account and the title of the attachment was 'Bull***t 20th Century report'. It was sad. I closed everything down and logged him out. Had another three students in today being very lame and sad as well. I gave them two warnings and finally sent them back to study hall. Started to work on our new permabound Richard III. A very nice set for Mr. S. Still some students checking in and out books. Had some leadership students offer to put books away so I had them put away all the rest of the cart sets of books from classes.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Mrs. H has decided to move into the office just behind where she now has her desk and stuff. So, when I came in this morning, I helped move a desk in, and then we decided to move the other desk in there, and moved the first desk out to the library. I had another assistant at another school call for nine The Importance of Being Earnest. They had been checked out to us in 2000 and 2003. No, we don't have them. They haven't used them in awhile, but a teacher wants to start using them again and they are short for a class set, so that's why she was looking for more! We had our classified meeting today, but the office manager was sick, so people were just sharing the snack and leaving, so I left after just a few moments, too much to do! Still lots of checking in and checking out, one student or two at a time. We also did two class sets of Civics for Mr. T today. I had to rework shelves in the back for another class set of Hunger Games, and we only had four of the old maps left, so I cut them out of their holders which we will send down to the shop classes and when I walked through the cafeteria, they said they would take those! So yeah, we didn't have to throw any of them away! I finished up a class set each of Bien dit! cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire for years 2 & 3, and let the teacher know that they were ready for her students to check out. I also got in the last Their Eyes Were Watching God that we had borrowed from North HS, so I withdrew them from us and packed them up to send back. Processed in 3 teacher magazines and 9 for the library. I also sent out an e-mail to licensed staff that I have the curling stone and got back several very nice replies. Two teachers even came down to take a look. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


I finished up all my curling stuff today and took pictures. I've had a few kids get all excited about the stone, and ask to pick it up. It's been a lot of fun! Much thanks to the Evergreen Curling Club, I'm very grateful they let me borrow this one! The rest of today I took in books and checked some out. Checked out a whole class set of Civics this afternoon. We needed more copies of Street Law so I printed up notices and sent them to the office so they could be sent to the students. I also worked in the back textbook room and reorganized all the boxes. We had boxes everywhere, flaps out, all sizes, so I got them all stacked and cleared off several tops of shelves since we had the room now. I set out old Homes Today and Tomorrow books and marked them for surplus since the teacher decided she didn't want to keep them. Processed in extra copies of Catcher in the Rye that came in from West HS. Processed in a magazine and repaired a text. Covered some of the paperbacks we got in last week.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kimba the White Lion

So we get a book in our boxes yesterday, The Art of Osamu Tezuka - God of Manga and I flip it open to see 'Kimba the White Lion!' A cartoon I used to watch as a kid! I almost remembered the song too! I found a link and sent it to Mrs. H so she could hear it almost the way I sang it yesterday. But, aside from that bit of fun, a long day of endless checking in and out one kid, one book at a time. One teacher would call to let me know "I'm bringing up my class right now to pick up....." So I'd have to drop everything and pick her title and get it up just in time to have the kids just arriving. At least it was a notice :) We got in enough Economics books to supply the kids that didn't get one yesterday thanks to the office sending out notices and calling the kids in to officially have them bring in books, it worked really well. Processed in three magazines for us, covered some of the new paperbacks, worked on my outside the workroom bulletin board all on curling. "Who believes in doing good and doing right? Kimba the White Lion is the One!"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saving One Mom at a Time

I come in today to find our students and Mrs. H completely wrapped up in making their book covers for an English class. Strings, bubbles, marbling, and chalk prints all getting made to go around the story they will be making up next week! It was very fun! All day long students trickled in, bringing in a book, checking out a book. A mom called and her son has left us, and when she called the office, they said his locker had been checked and it was empty, and she knew she'd seen his textbooks in the aforesaid locker. So, I got his locker number and combination, and was told I'd need security to come with me (to confirm I only took out the books I suppose). One of our office staff said no, the locker had been checked and signed off on and I didn't need to. I know the staff member that had signed off on it, and couldn't imagine she'd be wrong. So, when another security person walked by, I grabbed them and we went down into the 'Pit' to check, and sure enough, there were all the books he'd been billed for but one that mom was going to pick up and bring down next week. Mom's intuition maybe? I was very happy we'd found them and called her to let her know that we did have them and it felt good to take that burden off her mind, that was over $200 in book fees she was thinking she'd have to pay. Our other good news was NINE! Huzzah! Boxes of books came in from Baker and Taylor. So I got to unbox them all and Mrs. M got started checking them off. Two whole cart loads and a few extra. We worked on putting the tattle strips in them and putting them out for students to check out! A great day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Checking Out Again

Another day of lots of checking out. We ran notices for Understanding Psychology and had those delivered and so far, we are still good with texts since the students are bringing some back. I worked on the new Bien dit vocab workbooks that came in. Ms. B wants them all barcoded so I worked on that today. Cleaned up the back worktable and made some space for the kids that will be in tomorrow to make their books. We have some new marbling things that we are excited to see how they turn out. Sent a request for some additional Catcher in the Rye books for a teacher. Also sent a teacher a link to our shared novels list so she could see what novel sets we and the other schools have for her next unit. Helped show our new aides how the textbook storage works and we had a great aide for last period. I actually found her sitting on the floor carefully rearranging all the thin First Aid/CPR books into numerical order. I've never seen an aide do that before, I like it! We also got the all clear on crowbarring off the letters, but the custodial staff will finish that project for us :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Checking Out

The first day of the new semester saw us all checking out a lot of books. I was running from the moment I got in fielding the new requests for bringing classes by to check out books along with setting up the teachers who had previously e-mailed their schedules in. We also checked in quite a few. I put the curling stone in my display thanks to the Evergreen Curling Club up in Portland. They were so nice! It fit perfectly on my shelf and I got approval to put out their brochures from Mr. R. So, I will make the side bulletin board out the workroom window all on curling! My mom gave me a USA Olympic jacket from the 1984 games in L.A. and I put that in one of our display cases along with an old ski boot of mine and some snowboarding books. Processed three magazines for us and two for teachers. Had some help in the back to put books away and set up class sets as well early this morning. The day just flew by and no more crowbarring the letters off the wall! I guess there is a chance that there may be asbestos in the wall, so someone needs to come out and check it out before we do any more. Opps.