The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

12 Hour Day

Today we started conferences so that meant we work 12 hours today and tomorrow and get off Friday. So, started early today at 7am. Worked in the library to start, then off to LLI. Got the kids off for Spring Break then my four classes in a row. Had one class that I ended up sticking out in the hall because they were so loud and we started doing our real ELPA testing today. Got those done, then lunch, then cafeteria duty, then I got all the books shelved. Started working on repairs today and really enjoyed that! Played my celtic music mix on Pandora and happily taped and glued most of the rest of the day! Got some of the repairs, the taped things, all put away and have all my glue projects weighted and stacked and pressured for the night, we'll see how they do tomorrow! Need a few things from home to finish some of the projects. I miss my repair box I left at Sprague :(  Ended the day with finding four plastic cubbies of tiny, 6x6 inch books about a millimeter thick all in the system. I'm beginning to freak out that I won't find everything to inventory! Half of the stuff will be 'lost' just because I can't find it. Then I went through magazines and they were all still in the system, the latest one was from 2008, so I deleted all of them and sorted them into the magazine holders we had under the shelves. Had a request from a teacher to look for some material from a name, and accidentally found something that might be what she was looking for but was in a notebook labeled 'Lecturas'. So I sent her the name of the section I think she wanted (a math thing!) and we'll see if that's what she needed. I hadn't heard by the time I left. Also had a book turned in today from the San Diego Public Library. Wow, that one had quite the journey! Gave it to our office manager to see if we could mail it back. Got a call from Technology about our computers and she had me look at our Tiger screen to see if I wanted it centered or stretched. I decided on stretched. According to my fitbit, I walked 10,509 steps today and most of it at work. Time to wind down for bed and up early tomorrow!

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