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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sore Shoulders

Another great day in the library! 12 more hours down and Spring Break starts - right now! Got all, I mean all the accelerated reading books all put back with the regular collections. Finished off the everybody books, did all the non-fiction, then started with shelving the fiction in with the regular fiction. Then I wiped down all the empty shelves, 30 of them, and started to spread out the fiction over where the accelerated books used to be. It really does look fabulous! So all I did all day was move books and my shoulders are sore!! Then I hit my knee on that spot that just creams you out? Aaarrgghh! Had to rub it for a bit, then I just stayed easy with it for the rest of the day. I'm sure I'll have a bruise! Finished up more of the repairs and even got the beloved by all the kids Lego Ninjago and Harry Potter books fixed and back on the shelves. The kids will be so happy that they are back for check out! Took a bunch of teacher material stuff off the shelves in the library and put it in cupboards in the back. I'm sure no one has touched them or looked at them in years, no sense letting them sit out there collecting dust, so in the back they go. Got all the professional books all on three shelves in order, looking good! Left the G.L.A.D. books on those shelves as well since Mrs. M said not to move them!! Withdrew some more magazines, these on tolerance and gave them to our counselor for her to look through. I need to go through the magazines in the back room to see which of those are also barcoded to withdraw if I need to. Had a kid come in with his mom and they paid half his book fee, and promised to pay the rest after break. Also borrowed a ladder from our custodian today and wiped down all the tops of the high bookshelves, yuck! Lots of dust up there! Left some stuff to dry after I glued them, watered the plants, shut the shades. See ya April 1st!

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