The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Mrs. B - Angel

I took in my computer this morning to see if it might work, I couldn't get it. Called Technology and they can't help on personal computers. So they suggested I go to a techie person at school and we have Mrs. B who lives and breathes tech stuff. So I went to her and she sort of got my computer to work, but the resolution was so bad, she asked if I could put it on a flash drive, and voila! I had done that last night, so she snagged a computer out of the computer lab, hooked it up, put in my flash drive and it all worked! Not quite the same, but not bad! So I was able to show my slides to my four classes today. Wheww! Thank goodness for our techie people in our lives! Got almost all the back room cleaned out of books and I just have one shelf on a big cart of non-fiction! Did LLI this morning, then library stuffs (listening to pretty Dingle music!), then three classes in a row. The kids seemed very excited about the slides today. Lunch, kind of, I ended up with about ten minutes because I showed my slide show to her since she did a work study in Glasgow. Then cafeteria duty. Back to the library for a kinder class. They got all excited whenever they saw me in a picture. So cute! Then helped out in Mrs. M's class the rest of the afternoon. The kids got to make paper today and I was a helper for that. Then back in the library and closed stuff up for the weekend. Now off to Konditeroi's....

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