The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Smartfinded in sick this morning. Took me three computers to get to where my passwords are for that since I hardly ever use them. One computer wouldn't let me go back far enough. Another couldn't find the internet. My hubby slept in our spare room was last night so I wouldn't breathe on him and when he got up I finally got onto that computer, found my passwords and got that taken care of. Sent an email to people affected by that. Had our granddaughters over on Sunday and Stanzi had little snotzies, so I think I got it from her. If I was at Sprague, I would have gone in since I work in a bubble and don't have personal one on one contact with the kids there for more than a moment or two. But today at Bush, I have my new LLI group I meet with, three or so kids that I sit at a table with for an hour, then reading time one on one with kids up in Mrs. M's room, and with her class all afternoon (and she just got done being sick herself!). So, I stayed home. Hated to do it, usually my attendance is impeccable. But not worth possibly getting some kids sick that I have to interact with today. It's an easy day for a sub as well since I mostly IA all day. Back to bed.

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